Salem Websites - Marie Espinoza

Salem Websites - Marie Espinoza

Salem Websites - Marie Espinoza

Hi!  I'm the owner and manager of Salem Websites and am an Authorized Licensee of Best Way Websites.

About Best Way Websites

Best Way Websites is a website building program and CMS (Content Management System) or website editor.  It is made available to small business owners via local area licensees.  It operates from Port Angeles, Washington and has been providing internet and website hosting services since 1998, with the first website editor being released under the brand in 2004.  The Best Way Websites brand was adopted in 2011 and is now the primary brand used.

What it means to be an authorized licensee of Best Way Websites

As an authorized licensee of Best Way Websites, I have privilege of marketing my own website service as an owner/manager of my own brand.  I have a primary market (Salem, Oregon) but may sell website design and internet marketing services anywhere. 

Local Owners with Global Power

I am the owner and manager of Salem Websites, backed by the power and technology of Best Way Websites.  Best Way Websites is NOT a franchise, so I am able to conduct my business freely and am not a captive agent to the company.

As an owner-manager, I have setup my business model so my role and responsibility is marketing and customer relations.  I have developers, designers, technicians and customer support staff that work with me in the home office.

I've got direct access to company leadership and am in regular contact with them.  Communications between the company and my clients are held in common, so I always know what is going on.

My Promise to You

I promise you that you will have the best of service and experience as a client.  My time is primarily dedicated to growing my business via marketing, so support will be coming from the home office.  However, if you ever feel that you are not being treated well, I am here as your local advocate.  (But I know you will be taken good care of!)

About Me

I am a mother of a wonderful set of twins and a proud grandmother of two.  I’m a football fan. Go HAWKS!!!  In August of 2017 I relocated to Salem Oregon to be close with my family.  I am an adventurous, outgoing, and a fun person.  

I believe in helping others.

My job history has provided me with customer experiences working in fast food, warehouse, and sales.  

On the side for fun I’ve been donating my Thursdays through Saturdays late nights driving Uber\Lyft to prevent drinking and driving.

As a career, my goal has always been to partner up with an honest company which is why I have aligned my self with Best Way Websites.  

I discovered Best Way Websites by meeting the founder on a business trip.  After talking things over and thinking it over, I decided that I must get involved, so I became an Authorized Licensee with the company.

I love the company's care for the businesses that it serves and the model of "Local Owners.  Global Power."

We are here to serve you any time you need us.

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