Let us Build Your Site for You EXPERTLY for Free!

Let us Build Your Site for You EXPERTLY for Free!

Let us Build Your Site for You EXPERTLY for Free!

To take advantage of this program, all you will need to do is make your first monthly payment for service, which starts at just $15/mo.


We'll require that you commit to 2 years of service for this free website building offer, which we believe is quite fair.

It's a "friendly agreement", not a contract.  We could require a contract, but we don't want to.  We are going to trust you instead.

All we ask is that you commit to the 2 years of monthly service (or annual if you prefer) payments required for us to build your free site.

Copyright: you will not actually "own" the website until it is fully paid.  If you are paying month to month, then you'll own the copyright at the end of 24 months.  Most clients are paying for the full 2 years in advance, then they get the copyright to their site immediately.

  • If you build your own site, you own the copyright.
  • If you pay us to build your site, you own the copyright.
    • So this is really nothing different.  You get the "papers" when all of your payments have been made - that's all.

Choose A Service Plan

How many pages we build and special features that we include in your development depend upon the service level you choose.  The higher the service level, the more pages and features we add to your site for free.

An overview is below.  See our Complete Plan Prices Here.

Plan 1

  • $15/mo
  • 3 Pages Built Free

Plan 2

  • $25/mo
  • 5Pages Built Free

Plan 3

  • $50/mo
  • 5 Pages Built Free

Plan 4

  • $75/mo
  • 7Pages Built Free

Plan 5

  • $100/mo
  • 10Pages Built Free

Plan 6

  • $150/mo
  • 15 Pages Built Free

Plan 7

  • $200/mo
  • 20 Pages Built Free

Plan 8

  • $300/mo
  • 30 Pages Built Free

Plan 9

  • $400/mo
  • 40 Pages Built Free

Plan 1

  • $500/mo
  • 50 Pages Built Free

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